"You’ve quite simply just knocked the socks off folks here and in the UCSF course. I’m just tickled because I know that some one, somewhere will get better care because your fellow students and faculty learned a lot from you, and will be spreading that information far and wide. We may never know the names of the patients—and they will probably never know how this program influenced the care they’re receiving, but I am absolutely certain that patients’ lives will change for the better. I just wanted to know how very much we’ve all appreciated your wisdom and insights.

Laurie Snyder, Executive head of UCSF Chronic Pain Management program. March 29, 2007

About Dr. Enid Young

Dr. Young graduated from the Psychoanalytic Institute of Northern California in San Francisco, where she is a training and supervising analyst as well as a faculty member. She has a certificate in chronic pain management from the University of California in San Francisco, as well as a certificate in addiction from the professional in-residence program at The Betty Ford Center in Palm Springs, California.

Dr. Young has taught throughout the bay area and given papers, both nationally and internationally. She has specific psychoanalytic training in Klein, Bion, and post-Kleinian theory and technique and has traveled to London and Buenos Aires to study these psychoanalytic methods. In the San Francisco bay area, she has developed several psychoanalytic and neuro-psychoanalytic programs featuring leading international pioneers in these fields. She has been an active member of the editorial board for the Journal of Melanie Klein and Object Relations and is the author of several articles on addiction, chronic pain, psychoanalysis, and neuro-psychoanalysis. She currently resides in Berkeley, California, where she maintains a private practice.

Contact Enid

  • Phone: (510)527-6534