Addiction Class

“Thank you so much for a great series of classes. I appreciate your enthusiasm and your range of knowledge and hope to see you in other classes.”

“Thank you for your enthusiasm and passion for this field. I learned so much more than I had understood about addiction.”

“I enjoyed learning these powerful concepts. Thanks so much”

“I appreciate your knowledge and enthusiasm and willingness to share your time and your expertise with us.”

“I appreciate your knowledge and hope to see you in San Francisco in future classes. Thank you for your enthusiasm in our class.”

Intensive Study Group Evaluation

Overall impressions of the seminar::

“I liked it very much and I came to really enjoy this kind of learning.”

“Very interesting ideas and information. It helped when the instructor got ideas on the board and when we spoke directly to the reading. Readings were very stimulating and difficult at times. But the instructor’s enthusiasm made the class ideas exciting and available. She is truly brilliant. It was very stimulating to be exposed to these ideas.”

“It was very fascinating with excellent materials. I would love to have spent the class with more clinical material and application of concepts.”

“Excellent, exciting and informative. The instructor was very knowledgeable.”

“Enid is brilliant. Her breadth of knowledge is amazing.”

“It was wonderful to be involved in this new work of neuropsychoanalysis.”

“Wonderful enthusiasm, great knowledge and presence. This was a formative learning experience for me. I use it in my work and in my understanding of my own process.”

“Neuro-psychoanalysis is clarified. Bion stopped being absolutely impenetrable. Enid’s love of theory is exciting and inspiring! Everything was interesting and new, and I began to understand the links between psychoanalysis and neuroscience”

“A longer course would be great. I love Enid’s thoughts and spontaneity and her collecting and including so much. There were many wonderful and instructive concepts.”

Case Conference

“It was an excellent case conference. The instructor was very intuitive and communicated differences in opinion in a gentle, thoughtful way.”

“The continuity was helpful as well as the instruction and feedback from the instructor as well as the insight from the group.”

“This was a great course”

“As always, Enid was sensitive and insightful.”

“I connected with the need to open to my transference more than ever before.”